The installation of cladding plates is an excellent option for companies and commercial stores wishing to have visual and attractive signage. Cladding is designed in a variety of shapes and colors, which allows brands to stand out and easily attract the attention of customers. In addition, cladding can be used to customize and design billboards and logos in an innovative and distinctive way

It also provides numerous benefits in terms of protection and durability. Cladding is made of strong and durable materials such as aluminum or vinyl, which makes it resistant to corrosion and damage caused by variable weathering. These materials provide protection for cladding fiber and ensure its sustainability for a long time, enhancing its investment value

يفط الكلادينج
cladding plates

Features of breakfast cladding plates

Easy to install and clean

Its colors are constant and do not change

Resistant to heat and fire

Resistant to erosion, moisture and shock factors

There are many colors and shapes to choose appropriate with your business

Easy to disassemble and install for regular maintenance procedures