There are many types of embossed protruding letter plates, the most famous of which are embossed letters zincor coated metal, embossed letters zincor coated metal with plastic and stainless steel

Embossed letterboards are one of the effective means of promoting shops and increasing brand awareness. These paintings are characterized by being made of high-quality materials such as acrylic and feature a prominent design that highlights important letters and phrases

Makes it ideal for outdoor use. It can also be designed in a luminous way, where LED lighting is added Behind the letters to highlight them in the dark and increase their visibility at night, which gives the store additional splendor and attractiveness to potential customers

protruding letter plates
protruding letter plates

Painted zinc: – it is a metal material that can be manufactured in several ways, whether backlight, front color or exposed lighting, and is characterized by high quality and beauty

Acrylic: – it is characterized by hardness, precision and high ability to form and install it on several panels of other materials and may be with or without lighting

Stainless steel: – stainless, In addition, it is shiny and shiny

Plastic: – letters can be made in three ways (plain, pyramidal, blown ) as well as the letter can appear in any number of colors from the face or sides

Led Star: – These are letters that are made of sprayed sheet metal and have holes from which the LED Star comes out in only one color

LED Smart : – like the LED star, except that it is distinguished from it in the change of colors

Sheet metal :– there are two solid types of it and the other type is flat, which can be sprayed, illuminated and make a shadow

Types of prominent letter plates

Stainless plates with acrylic face, zincor plates with acrylic face, silver stainless plates plated zincor plates, gold stainless plates, acrylic plates, plastic letter plates wrapped with stainless strips, stainless plates with luminous acrylic, acrylic letter plates on a plastic plate, luminous acrylic plates, solid stainless plates and placed on any background, all can be illuminated or without lighting